Immerse yourself in a vintage, heritage-inspired journey, capturing the stylized essence of California's Humboldt County. This fun and engaging video celebrates the outdoor lifestyle, showcasing the perfect blend of tradition and adventure with Osprey Packs' Archean series.
Eeland Stribling is many things: fly fisherman, wildlife biologist, Colorado native - but most notably, he is an avid stand-up comedian. Born and raised in Colorado, Eeland is doing his part by exposing the outdoors world to those who have historically not grown up with it. As a man of color himself, he is redefining what it means to be an outdoorsman in America - but more importantly, an advocate for preserving the world's natural wonders.
Peering out her tall bedroom windows to the highway below, Caitlin Davis dreamed of life as an ecologist. When she saw mountains for the first time on a backpacking trip after college, her fate was sealed. Today, in Idaho’s demanding sagebrush country, the raptor biologist spends her days rappelling into golden eagle nests studying how human impact affects their reproduction and productivity. ​​​​​​​
Set amidst the emerald waters and soaring limestone islets of coastal Vietnam, Captain “Chu” Bien spends more time in a modest boat at sea than at home. Embodying simplicity—the items he uses daily can be counted on one hand—he confirms that happiness and fulfillment are found in the relationships we forge, not the things we accumulate.
Professional climber Marcus Garcia travels from his home in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to the limestone cliffs and spires of of El Potrero Chico in northern Mexico to revisit his mentor’s final climb. In an emotional and powerful act of closure, he reflects on the accident that took him a decade to talk about—and climbs the route that took his mentor’s life.
Senior Repair Specialist, Otis Williams, works with his hands both inside and outside of his work at Osprey. At home, he upholds his family’s tradition of masterfully crafting teepees. At the office, his passion and experience translate to thoughtfully repairing packs.  “I think about whoever was wearing this. I want that person to keep enjoying whatever that person was doing. I want them to have a good life,” says Otis.
Like a migratory bird following its instinct, Osprey ambassador Jackie Nourse returns to Patagonia, a place she first visited four years ago and experienced a renewal of spirit. Today, on the misty island of Chiloé, she is warmly invited inside homes to share a meal—and share in a culture that has been frozen in time.
Oregon’s Owyhee is the largest, intact, unprotected natural area in the lower 48 states. Often called Oregon’s Grand Canyon, the Owyhee’s craggy red-rock canyons, trout streams, and rolling hills make up a diverse wild land nearly the size of Yellowstone National Park. 95% of Oregon’s Owyhee lacks permanent protection, leaving it vulnerable to mining and oil and gas development. Industrial development is clawing at the edges, with over 170,000 acres of active natural gas leases just north of the Owyhee Canyonlands and high potential for mining gold, silver, uranium, and bentonite throughout the area.
Shot for Klean Kanteen's newly re-designed backcountry workhorse, the Single Wall Wide in that high country of the Utah desert. Now that's a product launch! We reached out to friend of the brand Dan Holz and he know just the duo to help us make it happen. 
Seasoned bikepackers Eliza Sampey and Steve Fassbinder, aka Doom agreed to put the new mugs and bottles through their paces.
Wyoming’s remote and vast wilderness provides the perfect canvas for Alpinist’s Kim and Julia to redefine preconceptions of the feminine. Isolated and exposed on the raw granite peaks of the Wind River Range, the experience of these two women explores the fabric of loss, life, and friendship.
As a designer and manufacturer of durable outdoor products, Osprey takes the responsibility to examine what, why and how they make the things they do; continually evolve their process; and find a way to keep high-quality packs and bags in use for as long as possible. For Osprey, that means using the best materials possible, treating the people in their supply chain with utmost care and considering their customers with the same level of respect.
Whether you’re pedaling until the sun sets, bouldering with your buds or sharing in a culture thousands of miles from home, the best days are packed with adventure—however you find it.
This is the story behind the making of our new alpine-focused Mutant series, how it was tested in the San Juan Mountains and the characters that made it possible. Guides, athletes and weekend warriors all had a say. After all, there is a reason we call southwest Colorado home; we have access to some of the best alpine guides and athletes in the country. Watch what it takes to craft the highest-performing packs for the vertical world.
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